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Mavs owner Mark Cuban reacts to report calling DeAndre Jordan selfish
Published On: Fri, Nov 16
Dallas MavericksA owner Mark Cuban says an ESPN report claiming Mavs centerA DeAndre JordanA has rubbed teammatesA the wrong way with what they perceive as selfish play is a€œridicu...
NBA commissioner Adam Silver previews technological advances coming to help fans enjoy games
Published On: Thu, Nov 15
The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, but even with the talent and interest in the league at an all-time high, it's always looking at ways to improve the e...
Mavericks' DeAndre Jordan responds to report he has rubbed teammates the wrong way'
Published On: Thu, Nov 15
DeAndre Jordan has responded to a recent reportA that he has "rubbed teammates the wrong way," denying accusations that his teammates believe he plays "selfish" basketball.a€œLet me...
Mavs Dennis Smith Jr. denies teams rift with DeAndre Jordan
Published On: Wed, Nov 14
Dennis Smith Jr. took to social media Tuesday evening to address a topic that has been surrounding the Mavericks for the last couple of weeks.A On Monday, ESPN's Tim McMahon sounded...
Mavericks giving 120 wounded soldiers courtside tickets for Wednesday's game
Published On: Wed, Nov 14
In their first home game since Veterans Day, the Dallas Mavericks are making sure to honor those who have fought and put everything on the line for this nation.Dallas has decided to...
DeAndre Jordan has bothered Mavericks teammates with selfish play
Published On: Tue, Nov 13
DeAndre Jordan bumping teammate Luka Doncic to get an otherwise-uncontested rebound could have been seen as a minor issue, overexuberance by Jordan due to determination to get every...
NBA To Televise 2019 All-Star Draft
Published On: Wed, Nov 07
The NBA and the playersa€™ union have reached an agreement to televise the draft for this seasona€™s All-Star Game, according to a report fromA Marc Stein and Kevin Draper of The Ne...
Dirk Nowitzki not expected to play until December?
Published On: Mon, Nov 05
Dirk Nowitzki still has yet to debut in what could be his final NBA season, and now it sounds like it could be another month or so before he does.Addressing reporters on Sunday, Dal...
How NBA sparked the American sports gambling gold rush
Published On: Thu, Nov 01
On a Saturday afternoon in October, the race and sportsbook at the Borgata Hotel Casino is packed with horse racing enthusiasts cheering on the ponies.No one is paying attention to ...
Like many teams, the Mavs want to trade for Jimmy Butler. Heres why they shouldnt
Published On: Thu, Nov 01
The are two major problems with the Dallas MavericksA tradingA for Jimmy Butler.And neither of them are named Harrison Barnes.Dallas and owner Mark Cuban would almost certainly have...
What Dirk Nowitzki said he misses as he's still weeks, not days, away from return to court
Published On: Thu, Nov 01
Dirk Nowitzki and LeBron James are connected at the all-time scoring list, but Dirk knows it won't last.The pair exchanged places last week when James took over No. 6 among NBA scor...
The Mavericks need something different from Wesley Matthews
Published On: Mon, Oct 29
There are a lot of takeaways fromA the Mavericks loss to the Utah Jazz on Sunday nightA a€”A Dennis Smith Jr.A had one of his better games as a Maverick, the defense is still poor,A...
How long will it take for Harrison Barnes, Mavericks to find their identity?
Published On: Mon, Oct 29
Harrison Barnes clearly is having to knock off some rust.His first two games after being sidelined a month with a strained hamstring have left a lot to be desired.Barnes has hit jus...
LeBron James passes Dirk Nowitzki for sixth on all-time scoring list
Published On: Sun, Oct 28
LeBron James has reached another milestone, passing Dirk Nowitzki for sixth on the NBA's all-time scoring list.With just under eight minutes in the third quarter, James drained a ju...
Barnes to make season debut for Mavs
Published On: Fri, Oct 26
Harrison Barnes will suit up for the first time this season Friday as the Dallas Mavericks visit the Toronto Raptors, the team announced via Mavs.com's Dwain Price.Despite the retur...
Harrison Barnes hopeful to make season debut Friday vs. Raptors
Published On: Wed, Oct 24
After a rather surprising 21-point blowout on opening night against theA Phoenix Suns, theA Dallas MavericksA have notched two straight wins in three days. With momentum on their si...
DeAndre Jordan has been everything the Mavs hoped, but he's doing something radically differently
Published On: Tue, Oct 23
DeAndre Jordan didn't seem to appreciate the question very much.He was asked after the Mavericks' 115-109 win over Chicago about what he's doing differently at the free-throw line w...
Report: Surprising New Team Interested in Jimmy Butler Trade
Published On: Tue, Oct 23
Jimmy Butler-to-Miami somehow feels both preordained and impossible, at this point.After all, it's a perfect stop for Butler ahead of free agency, and he'd also be a solid candidate...
Carlisle: Barnes, Harris out at least two more games
Published On: Mon, Oct 22
The Mavericks will continue to be without three of their heavy lifters tonight against Chicago at American Airlines Center.Harrison Barnes (right hamstring) and Devin Harris (left h...
Mavs to open season without Nowitzki, Barnes. How will they try to plug the holes?
Published On: Wed, Oct 17
Dirk Nowitzki spent Tuesday at the Lympo practice facility walking on a treadmill and riding a stationary bike, at least during the mediaa€™s availability at the end of the Dallas M...
Mavs' Dennis Smith Jr. has 2 points of emphasis this season. One is measurable, the other is a bit more subjective.
Published On: Tue, Oct 16
Dennis Smith Jr. is 20.He's from Fayetteville, N.C., which could have its city-limit sign next to the "southern hospitality" entry in Webster's Unabridged.On a sports team with a 40...
Should the Mavericks bring back Corey Brewer?
Published On: Tue, Oct 16
TheA Dallas MavericksA have a problem. Heading into the regular season, the team is dealing with a number of injuries to key players. The most notable are the ones toA Dirk Nowitzki...
11 NBA rookies younger than careers of Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter
Published On: Tue, Oct 16
As the 2018-19 NBA season begins, the fascinating careers of Dirk Nowitzki and Vince Carter have reached drinking age.A Yes, their 21-year tenures in the league is longer than sever...
Mavs Exercise Dennis Smiths 2019/20 Option
Published On: Mon, Oct 15
Another team has exercised its 2019/20 option on a player with a rookie scale contract, with Dwain Price of Mavs.com reporting (via Twitter) thatA Dennis Smith Jr.a€˜s third-year op...
Harrison Barnes will miss opening night, maybe more
Published On: Mon, Oct 15
According to multiple reportsA Harrison BarnesA will miss theA MavericksA first game on Wednesday in Phoenix with a strained right hamstring.Last week Carlisle mentioned thatA Barne...